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What you need to know about the Bahamas Weather


People in Bimini and throughout the Bahamas often enjoy the benefits of tropical weather throughout the entire year. The coolest time of the year occurs between September and May, when the temperatures average between 70 and 75 degrees. During the remainder of the year, the temperatures in the Bahamas typically increase to a range of 80 to 85 degrees. The temperature of the sea surface averages around 74 degrees during the winter and around 84 degrees during the summer season. At night, the temperature typically drops about 5 to 7 degrees. From November to April, the Bahamas averages less than six inches of precipitation per month.

The warm climate of the Bahamas rarely ever turns to harsh weather conditions, such as snow, frost, hail or sleet. The last time the Bahamas received as much as a flurry of snow was during 1977. The lowest temperature recorded in the past 30 years was 41 degrees during 1981, but the winter temperatures rarely drop below 60 degrees. Winter temperatures usually reach 75 degrees by the afternoon. The summer temperatures during the daytime rarely exceed 90 degrees, and rarely drop below 78 degrees at night. The temperatures on the northern islands are often 5 degrees cooler than those realized by the islands to the south.

On average, there are clear skies and sunny weather for at least seven hours per day in the Bahamas. The length of the days in the Bahamas range from 10 to 13 hours throughout the year. This leaves plenty of time to enjoy long swims in the clear, warm water, or to participate in any variety of water recreation. The environmental conditions for scuba diving, jet skis, fishing and other activities are often ideal throughout the entire year. The islands are usually busiest with tourist activity from December to April.

Most of the rain in the Bahamas occurs between May and October, however, the local and thunderstorms tend to clear rather clearly. Some of the favorite destinations to enjoy with the nice weather in the Bahamas include Castaway Cay, Gold Rock Beach, Pink Sands Beach and Stocking Island. Many travelers enjoy participating in the local food, bike and eco tours as well. The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park is another popular attraction for many people visiting the Bahamas. The Marine Habitat at Atlantis on Paradise Island may also be ideal for anyone interested in a more educational experience about some of the prevalent wildlife in the area.

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