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Top 10 Activities to Do With Kids at the Beach


BeachSummer is all about fun in the sun, but your little ones can only inhale so much saltwater and build so many sandcastles! Fortunately, there are plenty of fun beach activities for your little beach lovers to enjoy when they’ve had their fill of the surf, sand castles, and sea gulls. From beach Skee-Ball and sand Pictionary to relay races and family Olympics, the 10 fun beach activities below will ensure everyone has an undeniably fun seaside summer to remember.

  1. Create Beach Art with Found Shells

Combining two activities into one by creating beach art from scavenged shells is a great way to let your little Picasso showcase their creativity. From dolphins and turtles to mermaids and everything in between, there’s no limit to the awesome beach art your kiddos can create!

  1. Relay Race

The name of the game is simple: divide everyone into two separate teams and have everyone race one another by running back and forth from the breakers with large shells in order to fill up their team’s sand pail with salty H2O. The team that fills up their pail first wins!

  1. Become a Mermaid

Everyone’s buried themselves in the sand at the beach before, but take this classic beach activity up a notch by transforming your little one into a mermaid while you’re at it! To transform your princess into “Ariel” simply let her bury her bottom half beneath the sand and help out by designing a mermaid tail with all of the surrounding sand.

  1. Build a Sand (Snow) Man

Sweltering summertime temps may turn traditional snow men into dripping puddles, but they’re ideal conditions for a sand (snow) man! Buckets, shovels, and other sand toys make excellent seasonal accessories to bring life to any sand man.

  1. Create Sand Animals

If you thought sand (snow) men were fun, wait until you and your little ones start creating your favorite sand animals. Who wants to build sand castles when there are sand sea monsters to create?!

  1. Beach Scavenger Hunt

There are hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered on any beach. If your little “Captain Jack” has a few more years before diving into ocean exploration, a beachside scavenger hunt will certainly make for a great afternoon. Everyone will feel like a true pirate in search of their plunder by the day’s end.

  1. Beach Skee-Ball

Everyone loves Skee-Ball, but beach Skee-Ball may just trump the original. Simply dig some holes and get the balls rolling to recreate one of the most famous arcade games of all time.

  1. Dig a Hole

It may not sound like much fun, but digging a hole can be a surprisingly fun way to pass the time at the beach. Whether you compete to hit water first or everyone joins in to create an epic swimming pool for the sand castle you just built, digging a hole is a great beach pastime.

  1. Family Olympics

Tired of tanning, lounging, and doing the same old things at the beach? If so, try spicing up an ordinary day at the beach with a game of family Olympics. With games like the discus throw, long jump, 40-yard dash, hurdles, and more, everyone can showcase their athleticism in the sand. You can even plan ahead and make special t-shirts to go all out!

  1. Sand Pictionary

There’s no better place to play a game of Pictionary than a sandy beach. Between miles of blank canvas and waves that will naturally wash the “board” clean for the next round, the beach is the perfect place for a fun game of Pictionary.

When the sun begins to dip and the activities come to an end, try treating everyone to a cold treat for the perfect cap to the perfect beach day!

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