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The Right Way to Travel to the Bahamas in a Boat


Sailing to the Bahamas/ Bimini is a major dream of any boat owner. Avid fishermen may spend weeks planning a glorious fishing expedition hoping to return with that legendary “catch.” There are a few tips to learn the right way to travel to the Bahamas in a boat to insure your vacation is hazard and problem free. These include:

  • Researching the best season for travel to the Bahamas
  • Learning the rules of the Bahama and Bimini governments
  • Learning the regulations for Customs and Registering to enter the country
  • Taking care while crossing into the Coral Heads
  • For the avid fishermen – knowing the limits for catches

The Bahamas and Boat / Bimini Travel

As with any travel at sea, the wise seafarer takes the time to study their travel route and also the weather patterns. This is as much a protection for travels aboard a boat as it is to avoid damage to the boat should the weather become rough while at sea. Visit our Coordinates Page for more info.

Learning the rules of the Bahama and Bimini Governments

Rules and regulations vary from country to country, and it is possible that the rules in the Bahamas are slightly different than those on Bimini. The differences may be only negligible, but it is important to remember that as a guest of the countries you travel to you are required to adhere to the local laws.

Learning the Rules for Customs and Registering

The Bahamas and Bimini like other travel spots also have specific rules for customs and registrations to enter these countries. You must provide the required much legal documentation upon entry.

Be Careful Crossing into the Coral Heads

Seasoned sailors generally are aware of crossing into the Bahamas Coral Heads. For the uninformed, study the location of Coral Heads to avoid damage to your sailing vessel. Repair of damages in a foreign country can be quite expensive.

Research the Best Season To Travel to the Bahamas

The climate, temperature and water quality are best for fishing and boating in the Summer. Check with a boating club on the best timing of a crossing to the Bahamas from Florida.

Know Fishing Limits of Catches

Fishing limits exist in the major fishing areas. Learn fishing limits for catches of the Bahamas.

The Bimini Big Game Resort Marina offers a variety of amenities and services for a worry free getaway to the Bahamas.

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