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Bimini Buzz from Bimini Big Game Club

The opening of The Bahamian lobster (crawfish) season is here!


lobster logoOpening on August 1st and running through March 31st, the Bahamian lobster season is one of the most popular archipelago wide events. Every year the kick-off of Lobster Season gives boaters the perfect excuse to hit the waters and head our way. Adults and kids alike can participate, making ‘bug-hunting’ an ideal family holiday.

Here is some important information for having a fun, and safe, lobster season:

Tickle sticks and a good dive bag with a wire enforced ring in the opening are great for beginners and experienced lobster hunters alike. Spear guns are illegal in the Bahamas, but for the more skilled free divers – a Hawaiian sling or a pole spear are very effective tools.

It’s not only a big day for boaters visiting from the U.S., it is an important day for Bahamians, particularly those that rely on the creatures of the sea as their main source of income.

It’s important to be aware of the limits for visiting vessels. Bahamian boaters must also abide by the size minimums and egg bearing rules.

  • No more than 10 tails may be taken at any given time.
  • Minimum size limits are 3-3/8″ carapace length, or 6″ tail length.
  • Egg-bearing female crawfish (lobster) are protected and may not be taken.
  • Cruising & fishing permits are required for any harvest

It’s also key to know the rules for bringing lobsters home. While you are allowed to possess whole or tailed lobster while in Bahamian waters, they must be whole (head and tail intact) and you may only bring them back during the open season in Florida (August 6th – March 31st). Find out all of the U.S. details at

Bimini Big Game Club is also “bug hunting” on Facebook. Send us images of your best catches and stories you wish to share. We’ll feature them on our Facebook page! Good luck, safe travels and good hunting to all.



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