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Bimini Buzz from Bimini Big Game Club

The Bimini Big Game Club: 50 Miles to Paradise


Fifty-three miles off the coast of Miami lies Bimini and the Bimini Big Game Club Resort & Marina. With a population of just over 2,000, it’s a paradise just waiting to be experienced. It’s known as Ernest Hemingway’s favorite escape and some even go as far as calling it the remnant of the lost city of Atlantis. It’s also home to the popular resort destination the Bimini Big Game Club.

Bimini actually consists of two islands –South Bimini and North Bimini. During Prohibition, savvy rum runners found the islands a convenient hiding place, and Bimini became the offshore liquor store during that time.

But Bimini is more than just a place where rum lovers went to during Prohibition. It exhibits all the beauty of the Bahamas, and the Bimini Big Game Club Resort & Marina, located in Alice Town, North Bimini, is a great jumping off point for the great destinations and activities around the island. Even though the resort is no longer operated as a “Club”, it was founded in 1947, and can be reached from the Bimini Airport by water taxi, which drops guests off right at the Big Game Club Resort dock.

The resort itself is boutique style, featuring 51 rooms, cottages, and suites. There are also 75 boat slips on the 3.5-acre property. The marina was recently renovated with new docks and offers resort amenities for guests.

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While amenities include terraces/balconies, remote controlled air conditioning, 40” flatscreen televisions, resort wide WiFi, and a new pool give visitors plenty of reasons to want to “stay home” for the evening, most people who visit want to go out and explore the island in all its loveliness. Most people get around the island by taxi, by foot, or by golf cart, and the resort is within reach of these and other activities and amenities.

The Bimini Nature Trail could be a first stop of many on a Bimini adventure. It gives avid hikers an intimate view of the flora and fauna of Bimini. A guided hike just might net an up-close look at the Bimini Boa as well as other exotic creatures of the islands.

Or for visitors in need of a little healing and R&R, the Healing Hole is a must visit. People swear by these healing spring waters, which contain sulfur and lithium. The Healing Hole can only be reached by boat. The pools magic fresh waters are found within the salt waters mangrove swamp. The pool itself lies at the end of myriad networks of underground tunnels, which get fed during the outgoing tides.

For a more relaxing afternoon, a jaunt to the Bimini Craft Center provides island guests with authentically-produced items from Bimini. It has the vibe of an outdoor fair with its 17 stalls and occasionally offers some live entertainment, making a nice low-key way to spend a few hours. And it’s just 5 minutes from the resort.

History buffs will love the Bimini Museum, where they can see photos of Ernest Hemingway, look at old cannon balls, and generally learn about island history. It as well as the Dolphin House Museum give Bimini visitors a unique view of the life and history of Bimini.

Naturally, some people visit the Bimini Big Game Club, because they want to participate in sports like bonefishing and reef fishing, scuba diving, boating, and other water-related activities. The club provides avid enthusiasts with different packages that are tailored to a variety of skill levels and interests. The Bimini Big Game Club is also home to big fishing tournaments, which attract fishermen from all over the world.

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