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Bimini Buzz from Bimini Big Game Club

Big Game Club supports Big Local Activities


Bimini’s United Church of God District Youth Department will be hosting their 24th Annual Youth Convention on Wednesday, November 16th thru Sunday, November 20, 2016. The event’s theme this year is “Repairing the Breach…Repair, Rebuild, Restore”. To assist with the spiritual upgrade of this years’ convention...

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Getting to Know Billfish


Think you don’t know Billfish? Think again! The Billfish is a class of fish that includes Marlin, Swordfish, Sole and Sailfish. These fish are very popular with offshore fishing companies, and you have probably been to, or been invited to a fishing trip where these...

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Bimini Offers Many Activities To Enjoy

Bimini Activities

Bimini is the westernmost outpost of the Bahamas with a history and character of its own, one that the rich and famous have enjoyed for many decades. Named “Bimini” by the Lucayan Indians in their language,” the two islands and scattering of cays offer a...

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The Right Way to Travel to the Bahamas in a Boat

Travel to the Bahamas in a Boat

Sailing to the Bahamas/ Bimini is a major dream of any boat owner. Avid fishermen may spend weeks planning a glorious fishing expedition hoping to return with that legendary "catch." There are a few tips to learn the right way to travel to the Bahamas...

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