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August 1st is the start of Bahamas Lobster Season and marina and hotel reservations have reached full capacity throughout The Bahamas, including at Bimini Big Game Club.

Here is a listing of rules and regulations for harvesting in The Bahamas and returning to U.S. with your catch. Be sure to double check prior to your trip to be sure there were no changes since the date of this publication. 


August 1-March 31

Bag limit:

10 per person (You may never have more than this limit on your boat, regardless of how many days you’re in The Bahamas.)


3 3⁄8 inches carapace length or six inches tail length. (Be careful—the U.S. carapace minimum is 3 inches, so pay attention on how you measure your lobster.)

You must possess a valid Bahamas cruising permit anytime you are on board your boat or in water when not on a dock, obtained at a designated Port of Entry.

Spearing legal lobster is legal in The Bahamas. You may only us a pole spear or Hawaiian sling.

Scuba gear cannot be used while taking lobster.

Egg-bearing lobsters are protected.

Any lobsters harvested in The Bahamas during their open season cannot be transported by private vessel into state waters during Florida’s closed season.

Lobsters brought back to Florida must be in whole condition (not tailed).

When transporting by air to any US destination you should contact the US Fish and Wildlife Service for regulations regarding transport of lobsters, fish and conch.

Always be aware rules & regulations are subject to change at any time. Be sure to check for any changes with the Bahamas Department of Marine Resources at

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