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How to Have the Best Summer Vacation in 7 Steps


Summer offers many reasons to celebrate. In addition to the warmer weather comes a variety of warm weather activities such as camping, swimming, and kayaking that can be done in Bimini or throughout the Island of the Bahamas. If you have vacation time saved up, it’s high time you used it. Plan the getaway of a lifetime by following these simple tips. They’ll save you and your family time and money as well as take away the stresses caused by high pressure jobs and continuous schoolwork.

Here’s how you plan and partake in the best vacation experience of your lifetime:

1 –  Decide on a main goal. What do you hope to accomplish on your vacation? Are you looking for action and adventure or prefer a restful retreat with limited access to the outside world? Are you comfortable with roughing it or do you need luxury accommodations to feel at ease while vacationing?

2 – Create an itinerary and make reservations. Even campgrounds require advance notice that you’re planning to stay at them. Decide where you want to sleep and what you hope to do while you’re gone. Create an itinerary that matches your interests and visit websites for travel brochures, group rates, and to reserve your spot on the date of your choice.

3 – Start packing what you need. Print out a packing list and check things off once they’re placed in your suitcase or carry-on bag. If you’re traveling by plane, read the rules and restrictions prior to arriving at the airport. You don’t want to miss your flight by being held up by airport security.

4 – Take photos of each item placed in your suitcase just in case your luggage is lost. Although it takes time to document every shirt, pair of pants, and toiletry you’ve packed, it is well worth the effort. If your bags are lost in transit, you’ll have an easier time filing a claim.

5 –  Be realistic. Things go wrong at home and they certainly go wrong when you’re away on vacation. Learn to stop sweating the small stuff and relish the moment. Every cloud has its silver lining and one day you’ll laugh about all the things that happened on your vacation.

6 –  Be spontaneous. If an opportunity presents itself, seize it! Some of the best fun a person can have while vacationing is unplanned. That’s why it’s important to be flexible and have a ‘go with the flow’ attitude. You swing the doors of possibility wide open!

7 –  Cherish every moment like it’s your last. Life is short so you really need to be present to fully enjoy it. Take photos, create a scrapbook or family journal of your trip, collect seashells with your spouse or children, and most importantly, smile and laugh. It’s the little things that collectively add to the enjoyment of a vacation.

Now that the hard part of planning is over, all that is left to do to ready yourself for vacation is to enjoy whatever activity you have on your itinerary. Following the list of tips above gives you an idea of what to expect and what to do to make you and your family’s summer vacation one they’ll never forget. So, what are you waiting for? Go on and get lost in the moment!


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