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Bimini Buzz from Bimini Big Game Club

Head to Bimini for Adventure!


Bimini has something fun to do for everyone.  Whether you are a beginning snorkeler or an advanced scuba diver, Bimini is the perfect destination for adventure.

Just a short 30-minute flight from South Florida or a few hours by boat, Bimini is a great choice for some salty summer fun.

You won’t need a boat to have some in-water or underwater fun with The Bimini Scuba Center.  Operating at the Big Game Club the dive center offers trips for certified divers and snorkelers including the wild dolphin, rays or the seasonal Hammerhead sharks.

Dolphins are one of the most curious and playful marine mammals in The Bahamas. The tours have had encounters with as many as forty dolphins in a pod.

The ultimate dive experience, the famous Bimini Hammerheads where you get up close and personal with sharks runs from approximately November through April.  For many this will be the only opportunity to get in water with these apex predators.  Don’t wait to book, these fill up fast so be sure to check out dive and hotel packages.

Visit to book your hotel and dive package vacation.

For those that are not certified divers or prefer not to be in the open water face to face with sharks, the gang from the Bimini Scuba Center offers the in-water cage experience with the local Bull sharks.  You’ll find the cage outside of the marina on the south seawall of the Big Game property.  Just stop by the dive office for details.

The Big Game Club is also home for the annual Wahoo Smackdown sport fishing tournament and again this year we will be hosting Meat Mayhem, the biggest Wahoo invitational in The Bahamas.  If you are a Wahoo fishing fan be sure to follow the Wahoo Smackdown on Facebook where you’ll get the most updated tournament info.

Whether you are the serious sportsman or the casual explorer, Bimini and the Bimini Big Game Club have something for you!

Bimini Dolphins

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