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Bimini Offers Many Activities To Enjoy


Bimini is the westernmost outpost of the Bahamas with a history and character of its own, one that the rich and famous have enjoyed for many decades. Named “Bimini” by the Lucayan Indians in their language,” the two islands and scattering of cays offer a special experience for those who visit. Here are just ten of the best reasons to visit Bimini to enjoy its unique atmosphere:

1 – The Beaches

Bimini is known for its unspoiled beaches, and it offers a number of different options, such as Radio Beach, Spook Hill Beach, Blister Beach, and a number of choices on out-islands.

2 – Fishing the Waters

The Gulf Stream and the Bahamas Bank merge together to create a rich environment for Wahoo, Snapper, Tuna and Billfish. Anglers from around the world try their skills in the rich waters surrounding Bimini.

3 – Swimming with Wild Dolphins

Swimming with the wild dolphins is a popular activity with visitors to Bimini. It can be a memorable experience to take home with you.

4 – Snorkeling the Reefs

Bimini has several reefs that provide a fascinating look at the underwater world that surrounds the islands.

5 – Delicious Seafood Dining

Fresh fish and shellfish can be found in abundance on Bimini, and good eating is a tradition that is honored on the islands. Fresh conch salad is one of the favorites on Bimini menus, a dish that offers the pink flesh from the conch shells, combined with citrus juices, spices, onion and green pepper.

6 – Cruising the Cays

Exploring the waters and islands around Bimini by boat offers an interesting look at the ecology of the islands and provides a relaxing day in the sun.

7 – Enjoying Resort Amenities

Bimini is known for its hospitality and friendliness, and many resorts, such as the Bimini Big Game Club, have been in operation for many decades and know the types of amenities their clients require for a great vacation on the island.

8 – Walk Through Bimini History

The Bimini Museum offers a look at the island’s intriguing history, from the days of pirates and rumrunners during Prohibition to the development of its tourism and big game fishing industry. A visit to the museum can give you a feel for the history of these unique islands and their continued growth.

9 – Scuba Diving Excursions

An island vacation offers the perfect opportunity to try scuba diving to see the amazing sights that lie below the surface of Bimini’s waters.

10 – Relaxing in the Bimini Sun

There’s no better placed to relax and enjoy time away. Bimini has fewer crowds and a very laid-back pace.



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