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Best Times For Fishing In The Bahamas


Bimini has many populated fishing spots with certain fish that swim in specific areas during particular times of the year.

Blue marlin usually roam along the coast near Bimini / Bahamas throughout the year. And the during the peak period between March and May, catching a 1,000-pound Marlin is not a tall tale. This is peak season is the result of the Marlins migrating north to the Bahamas Banks.

Other large fish are plentiful between September and December. Most of the action will occur in fishing spots that are west of Bimini near North Pines Beach. At the beginning of the season, most anglers capture fish that weigh at least 30 pounds. In November and December, bigger fish will begin to roam closer to the ocean floor.

From mid-April to May, Tuna generally migrate near the shore by the Bahamas Banks. Though it’s not a ‘sure thing’ dependable; if you go fishing at the wrong time, you may only catch a few tuna in one week. Yellow Fin tuna are more plentiful in Bimini. They always migrate between February and April.

Winter and fall are the best seasons to catch White Feather Jigs and Mackerel. Snapper and Grouper remain consistent throughout the year. You can find them near the continental shelf and around various shipwrecks near Great Isaac and Bimini. Larger fish, weighing 8 to 15 pounds usually spend time in deep waters during the winter.

Bonefish are also caught in Bimini / Bahamas year-round. You will only find these fish near the harbor during Spring, Summer, and Fall. The biggest schools roam the waters in the Spring. And eight to 12 pound fish populate the area in the Fall. Typical, Bonefish are biting more when the tides flow in the morning and afternoon.

The resort hosts guests who come to fish and scuba dive. The resort offers various fishing packages, suitable for both the inexperienced fishermen and highly skilled anglers. Reef fishing and offshore fishing packages are also available.

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