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Bimini Buzz from Bimini Big Game Club

A Carey Chen Painting, 50% Dockage Discount and a $300 Tournament Credit.


Photo B Charey Chen painting Blue MarlinWhile Tournament Director Robbie Smith is offering anglers a chance to trim dockage fees by 50% and to take advantage of a $300 Tournament Credit on rooms if they enter online before midnight April 1, the historic Bimini Big Game Club today has added popular marine artist and sport fisherman Carey Chen to its portfolio.

Chen, who will fish the three-day tournament (April 13-17) aboard Captain Paul Cole’s 630 Bertram “Shark Bait”, will also compose a first prize painting for the tournament as well as showcase an exhibition of his works inspired from a lifetime of fishing and observing the ocean and its creatures. Chen, who has attended tournaments all over the world, has caught and released 300 blue marlin and spent months on the Florida flats.

Smith said anglers can take advantage of an early bird dockage discount and $300 Tournament Credit by registering online by midnight April 1st.

Register for Bimini Big Game Club Billfish Tournament

For more information, including room bookings call 800-867-4764 or email Reservations.  For sponsorships, please contact Roger Berkon

The Billfish Tournament, according Smith, will utilize a points scoring system to weigh-in blue marlin. Blue Marlin is the only billfish eligible for weigh-in and must be 101 inches in short length—measured from the low tip of the jaw to the fork of the tail.  All properly documented live release blue marlin—400 pounds and less—count the same as a blue marlin on the dock. For blue marlin weighing in at 400 pounds and over, the team will receive one point per pound, plus 100 bonus points.

Released blue marlin will score 400 points; white marlin 150 points; and sailfish 150 points.  White Marlin and sailfish must be released. Swordfish are not scored.

The tournament entry fee is $2,500.00 per boat advance online registration (four anglers) and that includes $1,000 to the Bimini Big Game Club Tournament prize pool. Additional angler/social tickets may be purchased on-line for $250 each.

The Big Game Club Resort will follow the captain’s meeting on Wednesday, April 13th with the opening of the dockside Sharkies Bar.

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